Many people are aware that South Africa is one of the most beautiful places that you can visit. Especially, if you like natural holiday destinations. However, if you are going to South Africa on holiday, you might realize that there are some great resort destinations that you can choose from. In order to be able to choose one of the best resorts, you need to know what your options are. These are some of the best and most popular South African resorts that tourists are often going to: This post is brought to you buy our friends and sponsors at Smyrna Area Plumbing

Wild Coast Sun

The Wild coast Sun is situated along the beach in the Eastern Cape. This is one of the best resorts if you are looking for lots of water activities that are great for you and your family. There are slides for all ages and then there is also the beach, for beach lovers.

With the casino, the adults can have some fun, while the children are playing and enjoying the warm weather and the outdoor activities available at the Wild Coast Sun. This might not be the cheapest resort in South Africa, but if you want a great time and make sure that there are activities for everyone, then this is the resort to book at.

Riverside Sun Resort

If you want more than just a beach resort, then you should consider the Riverside Sun resort. This resort is far from the beach, in Gauteng. The resort is near Johannesburg and is offering a variety of water activities for those that are active and in the mood for an adrenalin rush.

Just like most of the South African resorts, this is a resort that is perfect for the whole family and that is making sure that there are some activities for young and old. With the great weather during summer time, this is a resort that you can consider, if you don’t like the beach and many tourists.

Sabi River Sun Resort

Those people that know South Africa, knows that Mpumalanga is the place where the most beautiful nature scenes are. It is far away from cities and the rush that cities are giving. If you are trying to escape the city, then Sabi River Sun resort is the place that you should consider.

It isn’t too far from the Kruger National Park and is in an area where you can see all sorts of things and purchase some great souvenirs. This is one of the resorts where most tourists are staying that is touring through this country.


Sun City

The number one resort and the most popular resort in South Africa is Sun City. This is where all the action is and where you can have lots of activities that are going to be entertaining for all the families that are staying there.

South Africa. Known for their hospitality and their great resorts. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a beach holiday, a bush holiday or a luxurious holiday, South Africa has one that you can go to. These are just a couple of resorts that you can book in South Africa to have the best time of your lives.